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A Moving Story…

The short version of this particular story is that our office has moved! All details of the new address (and new postal address) are shared further down in this blog. Let’s face it though, moving office and notifying you all of the details doesn’t make for a very interesting story/blog. Luckily the story behind the move does!

The story behind the story…

Some months ago, I was having to do a lot of driving to/from Torquay and Geelong for family reasons and my husband suggested that I take a short cut to shorten the trip. The short cut took me past a court called “Basford” in Marshall, Geelong. Being a BAS Agent, I would smile as I drove past thinking ” wouldn’t it be funny if I lived there – working as a BAS Agent in Basford Court. Now that would be quirky!” One day in May 2018, I pulled over and took the below photo and popped it on Facebook when I got home because I found this pretty amusing! I posted: “Maybe I should move the practice here!” After this, I didn’t really think much more about Basford Court although it did make me smile each time I drove past.

Around about the same time as this, my husband and I were beginning our search for a new home as we had decided that it was time to move from Torquay and closer to family and the conveniences of Geelong. We were only looking casually with no particular plan or deadline in mind. We used the usual online real estate sites for searching purposes and attended various open days and made enquires etc. but we weren’t really too serious about the whole thing. We thought if something popped up that we really liked, we’d act on it, but if not, then we’d just keep looking – no pressure at all.

One evening I was casually perusing the real estate sites as usual, seeing what had sold and if anything new had been listed etc. To my surprise, I found a property for sale in Basford Court! Not only was it in Basford Court, but it was also exactly the sort of property we had been searching for, ticking all the boxes! The next day we made an appointment for an inspection. We loved the place immediately and made an offer on the spot! I was pretty excited I can tell you and couldn’t believe that the house of our dreams was actually in the court I had made jokes about months earlier on Facebook! Well, fast forward a couple of weeks of negotiating price etc. and suddenly my dreams fell flat as the vendors decided not to accept our offer. *SAD FACE* That was it. No house in Basford Court. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted I guess.

But wait… the story doesn’t end there… which is good because that would be a terrible ending to a story!!

As the months passed, we kept on searching for homes and going to open house inspections. We found several nice properties and eventually decided to put in an offer on one in Moriac. We waited for 3 days while the agent and the vendor negotiated. During this time, my husband got cold feet! The property had a very large garden and the reality of caring for it hit home. My partner isn’t a gardener. I like gardening myself, but working full time, I have very little time for it. We decided to re-neg on our offer. The property just wasn’t for us.

By this time, I was all house-hunted out! I was disappointed that we couldn’t buy the Moriac property but thought it was for the best. I decided to stop looking for houses for a while as it was very exhausting and quite honestly, the repeated disappointments were a bit hard to take.

Some weeks passed and life continued in its usual boring way – work – eat – sleep – repeat. Christmas was approaching along with a cruise to Tassie with my in-laws, so that kept me busy and my mind off house-hunting for a while. One day while I bookkeeped-away in my little office in Torquay, I could hear my husband chatting away to someone on his phone in another room. I was trying to concentrate on work but I was hearing things like “property still for sale”, “Marshall”, “Basford Court”. I decided to investigate. His conversation continued – “another inspection”, “put in an offer”, “they want to sell”. Conversation ended, he put the phone down and started smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “Well”, he began, “You know that house you liked? The one in Marshall? The Basford one?” “Yeah, yeah”, I replied, knowing exactly what he was going to say! “Well, it’s still for sale. They need to sell. The agent says if we’re still interested, put in an offer – any offer”. The Cheshire Cat smile jumped from his face to mine. Suddenly it looked like the house purchase was on again… just like that!

We decided to arrange another inspection, just to make sure, considering it had been at least 6 months since we had last seen the property. The inspection just cemented our thoughts and we fell in love with the place all over again.

My cheeky husband did put in an offer, a much lower offer than the first one 6 months earlier. It was knocked back initially and as the game goes, we were pushed up another $5,000 by the agent which we agreed to on the proviso that no further offers would be given – that was the last and final offer. To our amazement and happiness, that offer was accepted. Basford Court was ours! Just. like. that. We were blown away. Here was a property (the property of our dreams) that we thought had slipped away, that we thought we had no hope of buying, ever, and yet here we were 6 months later, signing contracts and becoming the official new owners. From an earlier Facebook joke to absolute reality – who knew!! Quite bizarre really. Life is very unpredictable and surprising – you just never know what’s around the corner, good or bad.

We have been in our new digs for one month now. To be truthful, it’s taking some getting used to given the house is situated near a train line but honestly, every time I walk around this place, that Cheshire Cat smile instantly returns because it’s just so bloody gorgeous! It’s the nicest house I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning – I am very lucky indeed. I love, love, love this house!

So that’s my moving story. A little bit more interesting than just a notification about an address change don’t you think? Oh, and did I mention that the new office is in Basford Court….. that’s BAS….ford Court and I’m a BAS Agent… boy am I going to have some fun with that little scenario – that’s a marketer’s dream right there!

Okay, it’s now time for the boring part of the blog…

For current and new clients reading this, your BAS Agent’s new address details are below!

Our new office address details:

Basford Court, Marshall, Vic 3216

Our new postal address:

PO Box 3128, Grovedale, Vic 3216.

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