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A tribute to Lucy, my little office buddy

The e-BAS Accounts office has been operating under a cloud for the past week. Sadly, last Tuesday, I had to put my little office buddy Lucy to sleep after a relatively short battle with cancer. I am, to say the least, quite devastated.


Lucy was a part of our family for almost 15 years. We have all felt her loss terribly. It’s no different to losing a human family member in my opinion because that is exactly what she was – a member of our family.

Lucy and I had a special relationship. When she was a tiny puppy, I mostly took care of her because everyone else was too busy with work and school. As she got older, she generally sort me out for cuddles and companionship over and above any one else, especially when she wasn’t well etc. I guess she saw me as her Mum. As the years went on, Lucy became my shadow – literally! She was like Mary’s little lamb – everywhere Louise went, Lucy was sure to follow! Eventually, I had to let her sleep in our bedroom at night because she didn’t want to let me out of her sight and became too anxious to sleep on her own.

Lucy followed me everywhere. If I moved to another room, Lucy came with me. If I went outside to hang out washing or whatever, Lucy came outside too. If I went out for the day, she sat at the gate and waited there until I came home and wouldn’t budge even though other family members tried to get her to come back inside while I was gone. It would be fair to say that Lucy loved me as much as I loved her – we were more than friends.

When I set up my home office, being my little shadow, Lucy didn’t take much convincing to join me! Everyday she would wait until breakfast was over and would then trundle off to the office. If I was a bit slow to follow, she would come and find me and just sit and stare up at me like she was saying “Come on Mum, it’s work time”. Her bed was right next to my feet, usually in the sun for warmth. She generally slept most of the time but always had one eye open and one ear up in readiness for any new and unexpected events. She was very quiet and mostly I didn’t even notice she was there but at the same time I knew she was there, if you know what I mean. I found it very comforting to have her with me. It was nice to have her next to me even though not much was said or done between us (albeit my occasional rants and vents about my work to which she always raised her head and looked at me as if to say “Oh there she goes again – having a bad day”).

When you work on your own like I do, it does get very lonely at times. It can be very isolating to say the least. That’s where I found Lucy’s company in the office to be so comforting. Sure it’s not the same as having another person with you, but it’s the next best thing. Now that she’s gone, the loneliness has crept back in and the office isn’t a very nice place any more. I am feeling her loss very deeply. I haven’t yet been able to remove her bed from the office – it’s presence somehow makes me feel like she’s still with me.

Lucy and I were very close, as much as a human and animal can be close. I miss her terribly and the office is definitely not the same now that’s she gone. I think I took her presence for granted to some extent but at the same time, I treasure all of the memories she gave me and her generous, selfless friendship.

Run free my little Lucy. I’m sure you’ll be waiting patiently for me at Heaven’s gate xxxxxx

Do you have a special office buddy who makes your working day just a little easier? Do you think animals in the office are important especially if you’re on your own? How does your office pet make you feel? If you like, share a picture of your special office friend in the comments below. I think that would be nice 🙂

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