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Anyone fancy a Quick-e?

Okay so who fancies a Quick-e? Now come on, pick your jaw off the ground – I’m not talking about one of “those” quickies, I’m talking about our new mini email newsletter format which we are calling “Quick-e’s”. These mini newsletters are specifically for our clients although others can certainly subscribe if they wish. So why the name “Quick-e”? The idea of the Quick-e is to send very short, quick and easy-to-read email news to clients showcasing the latest news and updates regarding GST, BAS, payroll and superannuation. As our main newsletter is called “e-News” (a play on our name “e-BAS” Accounts), we wanted to retain the “e” in the new email format and hence the name “Quick-e” was born! Yes, there is a sexual connotation to the name but we thought that would be funny and good for a laugh – it certainly gets some attention that’s for sure!


Why the Quick-e?

I receive several newsletters each week. They are all valuable and worth my time but sadly I don’t always have time to read all of them. I often skim the information and/or only read the bits that interest me. In terms of our bi-monthly newsletter, I’m sure our clients are doing the same thing and as a result, aren’t really getting the message – literally! I thought about this issue for a while and then it struck me that the main problem with newsletters is their long length and the subsequent lack of time clients have to read them. At the same time, I know tax news and updates are important for clients to hear and understand and communicating this information is best done via the humble newsletter. I decided if I wanted to increase the “open rate” of email news by clients, the format needed to change! It needed to be much shorter and less wordy. Putting myself in our clients’ shoes, I knew that if I received an email that would take less than a minute to read, I would be more inclined to open it. After further planning and consideration, the “Quick-e” was created.

Who gets a Quick-e?

Quick-e ‘s are only for our clients. We don’t have a subscribe widget for Quick-e’s on the website for this very reason (the one in the footer is for our bi-monthly newsletter to which anyone can subscribe). The idea is to use the Quick-e as an educational tool to assist our clients to improve their knowledge of all things tax and payroll. Of course, our clients are able to share their Quick-e’s with others (now that sounds rude doesn’t it lol!) via the social media icons within each Quick-e. We are also going to share the core message of each Quick-e across our social media platforms from time to time so that the wider community can also benefit.

Can I subscribe even though I’m not a client? As I said, Quick-e’s are for our clients only but if you really want to subscribe, let me know (send me a note via our contact form) and I’ll add you to the list.

What does a Quick-e look like?

We have sent out a few Quick-e’s this year and have had a good response from clients. Here are some examples of our Quick-e’s below. As you’ll see there’s not much to them but hey, that’s the point isn’t it!


Payroll rules for public holidays


PAYG upwards variation- something has changed


February 2015 IAS & BAS Reminder

Quick-e’s, as their name suggests, are quick, easy-to-read bursts of information about GST, BAS, payroll and/or superannuation. We created them because we wanted to find a way to help educate our clients and keep them updated because we believe that as business owners, they should be across this type of information! We think (we hope) that if the information is presented in a very short, succinct email format as opposed to a wordy four-page newsletter, our clients will be more likely to read it. We hope our new mini newsletters will be successful and of value to our clients. If nothing else, the name is sure to raise a grin or two, after all, who doesn’t like a Quick-e every now and then lol! 😉


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