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Are Bookkeeping Conferences a Waste of Time?

So far this year, I’ve attended 3 all-day bookkeeping conferences/seminars (and it’s only April!). I’ve attended each one hoping to come away with more knowledge, more skills and more business insights. While I certainly did pick up a few tidbits here and there, in general, I came home feeling like I had really just wasted my time. Don’t get me wrong, the organisers of these events do a wonderful job; putting events like these together is no easy feat by any means and as such, I have great respect for them! However, I’m starting to think that my time would be better spent attending one-day technical training seminars in which I could improve upon the skills and knowledge I already have as a BAS Agent. Conferences have their place that is certain, but at the end of the day, are they really benefiting us as BAS Agents and accounting professionals? Are we really actually learning anything useful at conferences? I for one will be looking for specific technical training in the near future in lieu of attending conferences next year. It would be great if some of the bookkeeping associations would provide this sort of training to us rather than putting all of their resources into one annual conference. Just my two cents worth!

What do you think? Are conferences beneficial to you as an accounting professional? Do you think you need more technical education as a BAS Agent?

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