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ATO lassos super clearing house

This blog is an update to our previous blog regarding paying super contributions to the Small Business Super Clearing House via Medicare. From 1st April 2014, the clearing house will now be run by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) instead of the Department of Human Services. The good news is that there will not be any change to the clearing house’s functionality.

superpiggyFrom an end user’s point of view there won’t be any changes to the general use of the clearing house interface however, the website address you visit to log into the clearing house has changed. The new website address is www.ato.gov.au/sbsch. The ATO report that there will be redirects in place if you do continue to use the original web address however, we recommend that you update the address and save it to your favourites or bookmarks.

The ATO also report that the contact phone number for the clearing house will not change and this is 1300 660 048.

There will be a new email contact address and this is SBSCHenquiries@sbsch.gov.au

So there you have it, same old clearing house, different address. Update your details now!

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