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[Blog Series] How we use Jetpack Workflow: Part 3 – Software Integrations

So far in this blog series we have covered why we chose Jetpack Workflow for our practice management software and the various features we use daily in our practice. In part 3 of this series we will look at external software which integrates with JW and in particular, the integrations we have set up and use in our practice.

Jetpack Workflow and QBO

In part 1 of this series we explained that the main reason we moved to JW was that it integrated with QuickBooks Online QBO (our chosen accounting software) for invoicing purposes. Basically all time recorded in JW is pushed to QBO making the client invoicing task super easy. Below we explain how this integration works in more detail.

So firstly before any timing or invoicing can occur, you need to integrate your Jetpack account with your QBO file. Here’s a video from JW showing you how that is done:

Okay, so once JW and QBO are best friends and are talking to each other daily, then you can start sending (or rather, JW starts sending) job times for clients over to QBO for invoicing purposes. Here’s our video showing you how that is done in our practice.

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Jetpack Workflow and Google Suite

The other software integration we use with JW is with Google Suite. JW’s integration with Google Suite is easily set up as per their video below:

JW’s integration with Google allows you to invoice from JW and have those emails appear in your Google account and vice versa. At the moment, we don’t do a lot of emailing from JW because you cannot attach documents to emails inside JW and most of our invoicing to clients requires this function. So basically we still email from GMail predominantly. The events you set up in your Google calendar also push over to JW and vice versa – quite handy but again, we don’t use this function much because we really don’t like the calendar functionality in JW – hoping they will fix this soon.

We do use their feature whereby you can turn an email into a task as below – we find this very useful and it means that only the emails we need for clients are coming into JW rather than unrelated ones etc.

We view the integration of Google Suite to JW as “only just getting started”. We think they have a long way to go before it is 100% useful for us in our practice but we also love that the wheels are in motion and that they have made a robust start! We look forward to more improvements, especially being able to attach docs to emails – that would be great for us. In part 4 of this series, we look at other areas of JW that we believe could be improved, including the email attachment issue, so look out for that one.

So there you have it, the 2 main software integrations we use with JW in our practice. There are other integrations available for JW so feel free to pop on over to their website to check this out. If you have any comments or questions about how we use JW in our practice, please leave them below.

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