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[Blog Series] How we use Jetpack Workflow: Part 4: What we think needs to be improved

So far in this blog series we have covered our reasons for moving to Jetpack Workflow (JW), an overview of the features we use and the software integrations we have set up and how they relate to our workflow. In part 4 of this series we will look at various features that we believe require improvement. This is our opinion only of course, but we do hope the developers will see this and take note!

Here at e-BAS Accounts, we use a lot of different software. What we’ve found over time, is that all of it is useful to some extent, but none of is perfect. In our opinion, software can always be improved and JW is no exception. Here is a list of items we would like to see improved in JW – our wish list if you like ?. Our list is in no particular order.

1. The ability to archive (or make inactive) clients who have left the practice so they no longer appear in the client list view. If required, they can be made active again. We would also like to be able to access archived clients’ details if/when required.

2. Also in the client list view, make it a numbered list so the practice owner can quickly see how many clients are currently active.

3. A mobile app for iOS and Android. This would greatly improve productivity and give better control over daily practice management. We live in a mobile world where our lives are packed conveniently into our smart phones and tablets. This is not going to change any time soon; JW needs to get this done quickly if it wishes to remain relevant to its users.

4. We don’t find the calendar very useful. Although you can filter by task, job or event and also by team member, the visual results are confusing and messy. This feature needs a makeover!

5. We don’t use the tasks view for the same reasons we don’t use the calendar – visually this view is not appealing and tends to take away from one’s productivity rather than assist it.

6. JW should look at integrating with other accounting software like Xero or MYOB to extend their reach to potential customers.

7. Inside the client list view, the number of tasks due or overdue are shown for each client. We do not find this useful and in fact tend to feel a little overwhelmed when we see it. Again, a makeover is required here.

8. Have a “select all” option above task lists inside jobs to bulk complete a job. Sometimes a user knows the job so well there is no need to tick off one task at a time. Instead, once a job is done, it would be good to be able to hit “select all” and see all tasks completed – this would be a small but useful time saver.

9. Be able to attach documents to emails sent from JW. We currently don’t email much from JW because we can’t attach files. Most of our emails to clients involve attaching one document or another so we continue to use Gmail instead of JW for client emailing.

10. JW should promote “how to do this in our software” and “new feature” blog posts rather than just showcasing the podcast shows they create. This would direct potential subscribers to the JW website and help them understand how the software works. This would also be useful for current users of the platform.

11. Ability for changes made to recurring jobs to be carried forward to all future jobs after a job has been started and/or the timer is running. Currently any changes made in this mode do not move to the next instance of the job. New changes have to be entered to the next job in order to bring these in.

We really love JW, but we believe it can be improved as with any software. This is our little list of things we believe would make the user’s experience more positive. If you use JW and also have a list of items you would like to see improved, feel free to add them to the comments section below. Hopefully the developers for JW will see this blog and our suggestions.

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