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[Blog Series] How we use Jetpack Workflow: Part 5: Support & Help

In our fifth and final part of this blog series about Jetpack Workflow (JW), we’ll take a look at what can be the make or break for users of some software – the level of support and help. In the last blog it may have seemed we were bagging JW a little (we weren’t) by bringing to the fore some features we believe need improvement. Well on the flip side of that, we can definitely say that the support and types of help available to the user of JW, is outstanding. In fact, we’d say it’s a feature that doesn’t need any improvement. Read on to find out why!

The first thing I want to mention here is that JW staff are very responsive and will answer your questions either immediately or within 24 hours depending on the time difference between countries (they are based in the USA). Also, it is not uncommon to receive email contact/help directly from the company’s CEO David Cristello which is something you don’t see happen with most other software companies. I find this super impressive – it shows he’s very committed to the product and to its customers.

So down to the nitty gritty. If you ever need help when using JW, here are some ways you can get it.

Email & Phone Support and 1:1 Training

As a JW user, help from a real person is just an email or phone call away. Being in Australia, we don’t ring the JW office obviously, but we could if we wanted to. We tend to email mostly or use live chat as described below. Also on offer if you want it, are one-on-one training sessions with JW staff members – very useful when first setting up JW and learning the basics and/or providing training to your team.

Live Chat

Within your JW account there is a little icon in the bottom right hand corner like this one   – that’s the live chat icon. Any time you want help or just want to make a comment etc., click on live chat, type in your question or ideas, and a JW staff member will respond to you ASAP. This is probably the easiest way to get help on the fly.

Videos & Help Notes

For those who just want to see how to do things and see step by step instructions, there is a very comprehensive how-to video and help notes section. You can find the library of videos via the “Support and Training” link in the top right hand corner of your account:

You’ll find a video for just about every feature and function in JW.

Jetpack University

If you really want to spend some time learning the ins and outs of JW, then perhaps Jetpack University is for you.  Here you’ll be taken through best practice for set up and getting the most from your account. The university is also very useful for training your team who are new to JW.

So there you have it – lots of choice when it comes to support offered to users of JW. There’s something for everyone. The best thing about JW support in our opinion, is that it actually exists! Some companies claim to offer high levels of support but when it comes down to it, just can’t deliver. One thing’s for sure, if you need help as a JW user, it’s literally only a click away and you can be confident that you will get a response and quickly. A great support service is a very important feature in any software and one you’ll definitely enjoy as a JW user.

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