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Content marketing – 2015/16 year in review

Since July 2014, I have been recording the analytics data of my social media marketing efforts for e-BAS Accounts. I created a spreadsheet for this purpose and recorded data for Twitter, our Facebook page, our website and our newsletter. At the end of 2015, I wrote a review about our content marketing results based on this data. As it’s now the end of 2016, I thought I would look at the results from the 2015-16 year and see if anything has changed etc.

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Twitter Results

  • Engagement rate (clicks, favourites, retweets, replies, follows) averaged around 1.5 % – a drop of 0.5% from the 2014-15 FY.
  • The highest number of retweets was 35 in December 2015 – down from 42 last year.
  • Followers number increased from 984 to 1114.
  • Overall impressions (number of times our tweets were viewed) averaged around 20K – a decrease of approximately 10K from the previous year.
  • Most of our followers come from Sydney with Melbourne being a close second – no change here.
  • Most of our followers are males at 55%. This is down from the previous year which was at 70%.
  • Our most popular blog post for the year at 12.2% was “I’m starting to think bookkeeping is becoming too automated. Over-automation leads to mistakes and mistakes waste time”.

Facebook Results

Website Results (via Google Analytics)

  • New visitors averaged 83%, down slightly from 85% in the previous year.
  • Returning visitors averaged 18% – an increase of 3%.
  • Visitor gender – males 54% females 45% – no change from 2014-15 FY.
  • Visitor age averaged 25 to 34 years – no change from 2014-15 FY.
  • Site visits hovered around a monthly average of 18K, whereas, last year there was a gradual increase from 2K to 12K.
  • Most popular visitor country of origin = Australia – no change.
  • Most popular visitor city of origin = Sydney – no change.
  • Most popular blog post was “29 Common GST Mistakes” (for every month of the year – weird!) – again, no change here, and again, very weird!
  • Second most popular post was “The difference between part time, full time and casual employees” – no change again. I think this is very strange!
  • Most popular page to visit was the Bookkeeping Packages page whereas, last year it was the Key Dates page.
  • The social channel that sent traffic to the website the most was Twitter for the first half of the year but then changed dramatically to Facebook with a swing of more than 40% in the second half. Last year it was Twitter consistently so this is interesting.

Newsletter Results

  • Subscribers increased from 66 to 92 across the year
  • Only 40% of subscribers opened each newsletter – down by 10% from 2014-15 FY.
  • Zero subscribers unsubscribed – that’s promising!
  • On average, only 30% clicked on links in the newsletters – up slightly by 10%

My Analysis of the Results

For both Twitter and Facebook, while numbers of followers/likers increased slightly, the overall engagement rate decreased significantly. I’m not sure why exactly but I’m wondering if it’s due to me not being so heavily involved in the actual posting of content as I used to be?? From July 2015 onwards, I engaged others to help me with this work (both inhouse and outsourced) and so my personal contribution to posting content has been somewhat lacking! Perhaps I need to get back in the game! If there’s one thing I know about content marketing, it’s that followers really engage with personally written posts as opposed to the usual pumped-out blog posts, videos and links etc. This is definitely something for me to work on this year!

Regarding Google Analytics, I’m very suspicious about these results! There doesn’t appear to be any change at all in any area except for the move from Twitter to Facebook as the most popular social channel. I don’t understand how, for the second year running, the most favoured blog posts can remain the same – how is this possible? Makes me think that Google results aren’t worth the paper they’re written on!

In terms of the newsletter results, well, quite frankly, these are beyond dismal! With less than 100 subscribers, it’s hardly worth my time to continue with a newsletter. I’ll have a serious think about it and discuss this with staff, but I believe I will be removing this aspect of my social marketing in the near future. Perhaps we need to change the format or something but obviously, our newsletter is not a winner!

While it’s interesting (at least to me) to review this data and see various trends, I don’t think I will continue to keep a log of results this year. The results are showing me that my content marketing efforts aren’t really making much of a impact in general and so I don’t think I’ll bother worrying about the analytics side of things anymore. What I will do however, is jump back into the actual posting of content rather than leaving it all to others – obviously this has made a difference to our overall engagement results. It’s definitely a plus to have the help of others as I cannot do it all myself, but I think a personal contribution from me here and there wouldn’t go astray.

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