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GST Tax Code Software Comparison

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Thankfully GST tax codes aren’t as complicated as actual computer coding as shown in our feature image here! What can be complicated (and confusing) however, is the way the major accounting software providers display their tax codes. If you are a BAS/Tax Agent or bookkeeper you probably have to work with more than one software so remembering which code belongs to which platform can be a challenge. To that end, we have created a tax code comparison chart which outlines 5 major providers and the tax codes they display in their software. We hope you find it useful.

Non-Capital Expense inc GSTGSTNCGGST on Non-CapitalG11GST on Expenses
Non-Capital Expense GST FreeFRENCFGST Free Non-CapitalG11,G14GST Free Expenses
Capital Expense inc GSTCAPCAGGST on CapitalG10GST on Capital
Capital Expense GST FreeFRECAFGST Free CapitalG10,G14GST Free Capital
Adjustments on ExpensesADJADJG18
Non-Capital Input Taxed ExpensesINPNCIInput TaxG11,G13 GIInput Taxed
Non-Capital Expense GST Free for Input Taxed SalesINPNCIInput TaxG11,G13 FIInput Taxed
Capital Expense Input TaxedINPCAIInput TaxG10,G13 GIInput Taxed
Capital Expense GST free for input taxed salesINPCAIInput TaxG10,G13 FIInput Taxed
Non-Capital expense inc GST for private useG11,G15 GP
Non-Capital expense GST Free for private useG11, G15 FP
Capital Expense inc GST for private useG10, G15 GP
Capital Expense GST Free for private useG10, G15 FP
Sale inc GSTGSTGSTGSTG1GST on Income
Sale GST FreeFREFREGST FreeG1,G3GST Free Income
Input Taxed SalesITSINPInput TaxG1,G4Input Taxed
Adjustments on SalesADJADJGSTG7GST on Income
Export SalesEXPEXPGST Free ExportsG1,G2GST Free Exports
Wine Equalisation TaxWETWET1C
Consolidated WEG & WETGWWC
Salary/Wage/Other PaidW1
PAYG Tax WithholdingW1,W2
Withheld Investment Distribution (no TFN)W3
Withheld payments (no ABN)ABNW4
Import Tax/Duty on Non-Capital ExpensesIMPGST on Imports
Import Tax/Duty on Capital ExpensesIMPGST on Capital Imports
Luxury Car TaxLCT1E
Not ReportableN-TOut of Scope of GSTBAS Excluded
Comparison of tax codes in various accounting software.
(Note, where a cell is empty, the software does not offer a tax code for that coding type. In these cases, most software allow users to create their own tax code where required but check with software provider first)

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