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It’s War!

This week’s blog is a bit left of centre. Due to the recent events in Paris, France,  I feel sitting down to write about bookkeeping topics somehow seems lame, even disrespectful. So, instead, I’m going to write about war. I’m going to say some stuff that will probably make your hair stand on end but I’m saying it anyway. Today, the world declared war on ISIL, the evil group that has infiltrated the world and threatens to steal our innocence and our freedom. And to that, I say, it’s about time! The sooner we go to war against these bastards, the better in my opinion.

Meet Victor, he was my dad, but sadly no longer with us.

Bond Family003

Victor was a kind and gentle soul who in 1942 like many others, joined the army and travelled to New Guinea where he mercilessly killed Japanese soldiers.

And he did so proudly. Why?

Because he knew if the world didn’t try to stop these psychopaths, our freedom and our way of life in Australia would be taken from us. Victor was right to go to war. We were right to go to war.

Victor didn’t like war. War didn’t like Victor.

He came back to Melbourne scarred and torn as did many of his army mates. His mind and health were affected. Normality was a thing of the past. Victor lost something of himself back in the jungles of New Guinea. But he didn’t lose his dignity and self respect. He was proud of himself and rightly so. Victor knew that he had been part of a necessary world-wide mission to rid the world of evil despite sacrificing his own happiness and mental stability.

Those in the armed forces, including Victor, sacrificed a lot for us. They did this in World War 1 and again in World War 2. They did this to ensure that the way of life we enjoy now would be protected and guaranteed.

They were heroes.

Today the world faces another evil – ISIL. They are no different to the Nazis or the Japanese of the 1940’s. They are pure evil and they must be stopped. War is the only answer here. I say this proudly and with gusto because I can never forget what my dad and so many others did for us all those years ago.

And neither should anyone else.

If we don’t go to war now, we are, in my opinion, disrespecting the memory of all those who lost their lives (and minds) in both world wars. They gave up so much to ensure that we can live in a free world. Not going to war now will mean, in my opinion, that all of their efforts and sacrifice was in vain. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen. Let’s never forget. Let’s go to war! Let’s fight for our freedom! Let’s make sure that what our forefathers did wasn’t all for nothing.

ISIL, like the Nazis and many other terror groups before them, want to steal our freedom from us. We must not let this happen. We must be brave like the 17 year old Victor who marched off to war in 1942, and we must go to war. We must fight. We do not have a choice – our children’s lives are depending on it.


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