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My Saasu Wish List

Over the last few months, while I’ve been using Saasu accounting software, I’ve been keeping a diary of issues and items that I would like to see changed and/or improved in the future. I am calling it my “Saasu Wish List”. Here’s my list so far:


  • Put “next, previous” buttons at the top of the bank feed list as well as the bottom so I don’t have to scroll back down to the end of page in order to move to the next page or go back.
  • Ability to add attachments to emails sent to customers and suppliers. Please! Please!
  • Reconciliation window – ticked transactions are saved so they remain when moving in and out of the reconciliation page. Currently, they are not saved and the reconciliation process has to begin again if I move away from the rec page.
  • Ability to start typing in “account drop-down” in “Add sale”, “Add Purchase” and/or “Add Journal Entry” and have it auto-recognise the account name instead of having to scroll up and down the list to find the appropriate account.
  • Ability to bulk email sales invoices to multiple customers i.e. select multiple invoices and then click “email” or “send”.
  • Reports – font too small once printed – hard to read – please make the font larger! (Some of us are older and don’t have great eyes!)
  • When there is more than one line item on an invoice, Saasu doesn’t calculate the remaining balance of the invoice once I have entered the first line item. At the moment I have to manually calculate the remaining balance. It would be good if I could enter the total amount at the top of the invoice and then have Saasu show me the remaining balance once I’ve entered the first line amount.
  • Ability to add contacts on the fly without having to move to the “Add Contacts” window. This would be a great time-saver!
  • There is an inconsistency throughout the whole program regarding the appearance of the calendar when clicking on a date entry. The calendar appears in some pages but not in others e.g. the Payroll Summary report – dates have to be manually entered. This also happens in the “Add Journal Entry” window. Not sure if this is perhaps a browser issue??
  • Addition of ‘Other” or “Non-Business” contact type in contacts set-up (current options are customer, supplier, partner).
  • Ability to select more than one pay when reconciling payroll payments for multiple pays in the bank feed window. At the moment I can only choose one pay at a time.
  • Ability to select more than one sales transaction if a bulk payment was made via a payment gateway (in bank feed window) i.e. more than one sale is part of a lump sum payment into the bank but these sales are from various customers.
  • Superannuation Reporting: I’d like to see another column added in the “View Payroll” window that shows super contributions for each employee. Also, it would be great if there were actual superannuation by fund and by employee reports. At the moment I have to choose “Pay Item Summary” report and run the report for “SGC Super” which works okay except for when clients have set up multiple super funds in which case, I have to print out separate reports for each fund. This means printing lots of paper and not producing very useful reports. It would be good if this data could be reported on one page showing the total at the end!

These are some of the things I’d like to see changed and/or improved in Saasu. Hopefully, some of my wishes will come true as Saasu develops its new platform in the coming months.

Do you use Saasu? Do you have any other items you could add to my wish list?

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