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New File Transfer Function in BAS, Tax & Business Portals

The ATO has announced that a new function is now available in the BAS, Tax and Business Portals: File Transfer. This is a major improvement to the portals’ functionality and will be welcomed by Tax and BAS Agents across Australia.

Transferring data to a cloud.

To get started with “File Transfer”, the AUSkey administrator in the practice has to update your ATO Transactions permissions in Access Manager in the portal.

BAS & Tax Agents will now be able to lodge:

  • Payment summary annual reports and
  • TFN declarations.


Over time, the ATO will be expanding this function to enable lodgment of a wider range of reports and files.

The ATO reports that you will enjoy the following benefits from using their new file transfer function:

  • the ability to upload large files without needing to split them
  • the option to compress files to reduce the upload time
  • the option to send multiple files as a single compressed file
  • the ability to receive confirmation that your data has been received
  • your reports will be checked for format compatibility and data quality; and you will receive an acknowledgment report showing the results
  • reduced risk of errors and faster processing times.

Let’s hope that this new function lives up to its claims and isn’t fraught with connection issues as is sometimes the case with the portals these days. Hopefully as BAS and Tax Agents we will see real time-saving benefits in our practices as the functionality in the portals develops and improves.






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