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Our prices have gone up!

At e-BAS Accounts, it is our policy to review our rates on a bi-annual basis. Our last rate review was in 2014 so we have now reviewed our rates again in accordance with our policy. As a result of our review, we have now updated our service price list as shown below:

bigstock--123262577Up until now, we had 2 price levels for our services. We charged $50 inc GST per hour for basic bookkeeping tasks such as data entry and simple reporting (non-BAS Services) and $60 inc GST per hour for other, more technical services such as BAS preparation and payroll (BAS Services). We have decided to change this pricing structure. Our decision to do this is based on what we now consider to be “BAS Services”. Basically, we believe every task we do for clients from basic data entry right through to form lodgement is a BAS Service. This is because we have to “tax code” every transaction we input and decide how to allocate each one – the onus for accuracy and correct tax code use is completely our responsibility. Therefore, even “basic data entry” is actually a BAS Service. As a result, from 1st July 2016, our pricing structure will reflect the following:

All services, except those listed below, will be charged at $66 per hour including GST.

 This pricing change is two-fold – a general price increase to $66 inc GST/hour, up from $60 inc GST/hour and the removal of the two-tiered pricing structure.

Service Exceptions (all prices include GST)

  • Form Lodgement – $44 per lodgement (applies to any form we lodge on your behalf)
  • Set up and/or migration of accounting software files – $77 per hour
  • Minimum Charge – $44 (for any one-off task taking less than 1/2 hour to perform)
  • Onsite Work – $77 per hour (please note, we do not charge for travel time to/from your office)
  • Rescue or Reconstructive Work – $88 per hour
  • Rush Fee – $88 per hour (for your “emergency” jobs)
  • Software Training – $77 per hour
  • Preparation of Year-End Reports – $77 per hour


Please be advised that these new rates will apply from 1st July 2016.


PS – our bookkeeping packages prices have not changed. We will be reviewing these after June 2017.

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