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Our services list just got bigger!

Good news clients! We can now assist you and your business with 2 more tasks – superannuation guarantee and the Taxable Payments Annual Report. So that will be 2 more tasks that you don’t have to do anymore which means more time for you – yippee!


So how did this come about? Why is it that BAS Agents can now offer more services to their clients?

This is why:

Amendments to the TASA 2009 in relation to BAS services took effect from 30 June 2013. One of these amendments allowed the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) by way of legislative instrument, to declare that certain services are a BAS service (thank goodness!). The TPB has begun the process to have the following services nominated as BAS services:

  1. Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)
  • This is a report that business owners in the building and construction industry must submit to the ATO each July.
  1. Superannuation Services

Ian Taylor, Chair of the TPB has stated “Until the legislative instrument process is finalised, the TPB would like to reassure BAS agents that we do not intend to take action to require BAS agents to register as tax agents for the work of the kind outlined above.” (Thanks Ian!)

So basically, BAS Agents can now provide the above services even though the legal process is ongoing – great news! The Tax Office confirmed this in July 2013 so BAS Agents are now well placed to include these extra tasks to their services list.

So, besides all of the other services we provide at e-BAS Accounts, we can now also process your superannuation guarantee liabilities and if you’re in the building and construction industry and need your TPAR prepared and lodged, we can do that too! Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss using our services to assist you and your business.

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