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Payroll Upgrade for Xero

The big news of the day is that Xero acquired Paycycle today. Why is that so great? Well here at e-BAS Accounts we have always believed that in the world of SaaS accounting software, Saasu offered the best payroll solution. Compared to Xero, Saasu’s payroll features are currently far more robust and functional. That’s all about to change……..

Today Xero purchased Paycycle. Paycycle is an Australian online payroll provider, and a very good one at that! Currently Xero uses Paycycle as a stand-alone add-on to their product. This means that if a Xero user needs a very robust and fully functioning payroll solution, they have to purchase a Paycycle subscription and process their payroll via that platform. The two software “talk” to each other via API and the payroll data is transferred across to the user’s Xero data file. All good and dandy but if you ask us, a little clunky and unnecessary (and for some users, very costly); hence our preference for Saasu which already has integrated payroll – nothing stand-along about it! Currently Xero does offer a very basic payroll feature but it cannot provide the functionality and tax compliance which exists in the Saasu product. So, they have started on the journey to make this situation right; by acquiring Paycycle, Xero has taken a great step forward; once they have integrated Paycycle’s functions into their own platform (by early 2012 apparently), they will then be able to say that they offer a payroll product to rival the best of them…….yes even our friends at Saasu!

To read more about the Paycycle acquisition and Xero’s plans for the future, read their blog.


Further to this, the Paycycle web interface has been upgraded to match the Xero colour scheme and theme – getting closer to full integration! Read the Xero blog about the upgrade here.

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