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Saasu, MYOB Essentials or Xero? Which One is Right for You?

Saasu, Xero and MYOB Essentials are currently all very popular online accounting programs. If you’re having trouble deciding which program to choose, use the comparison chart below to help you make up your mind and don’t forget to leave your comments too – we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Shows summary of current financial positionQuickly see bank balances, unpaid sales & bills. Saasu also provides a balance sheet & P&L snapshot.
CustomisableIn MYOB Essentials, the only part that can be customised is the sales target amount.
Import/export contacts, chart of accounts, items, invoices, bills, bank statements & manual journalsMYOB Essentials only allows for import of bank statements, contacts & items & export of business transactions.
Allows for more than one user to operate the software at a time.All packages allow for unlimited users.
Your bank data fed directly into the package OR ability to manually import bank statements into the packageLove bank feeds! Best thing since dishwashers were invented!
Easy reconciliation and fast cash-codingReconciliation is made so easy and fast by intuitive matching of your data to the incoming bank feed data.
Connect directly from within the packageXero offers 2 types of bank feed set up: Partner and Yodlee; Partner type requires paper applications and Yodlee type means you can connect from within the interface. MYOB Essentials operates in a similar way.
Create and send invoices to customers straight from the package
Create estimates and ordersXero & MYOB do not currently offer the ability to create sales orders but both offer the ability to raise quotes/estimates.
Customisable invoices, adjustment notes & statements
Create payables invoices from within the package
Purchase ordersMYOB Essentials does not currently offer purchase orders.
Handles expense claims
I think Xero does a better job of handling expense claims than Saasu.
Ability to raise BAS reports to use in processing activity statements
GST Audit Reporting & GST Calculation WorksheetSaasu provides a tax detail report but would be improved if a GST tax exceptions reporting feature were available 🙂
Offers multicurrency functioningMulticurrency is not offered in every plan - see pricing links for more information.
Offers full suite of reports
Supports creation of the Taxable Payments Annual ReportOnly for businesses in the building and construction industry.
Allows for uploading & attaching of files to reports & other transactions
Offers global search functionSaasu offers a search function known as Jump
Xero offers search functionality within each accounting area.
Offers budgeting functionality
Cash flow forecastingSaasu has an integrated tool called Forecaster
Offers fully integrated inventoryXero has basic inventory functionality but suggest that you use one of their Add-ons for more robust inventory.
Offers fully integrated payroll
Tax Tables updated automaticallyFantastic - no need to purchase tax tables or software upgrades on top of purchase of a product.
Offers POS functioningBoth packages use POS software connected via API - see their Add-ons links below.
Ability to upload customer and supplier contact information to the package
Employee timesheets and time-tracking
Ability to track jobs and categoriesSaasu uses tagging for this feature, while Xero has Tracking.
iOS and AndroidSaasu does not offer an Android app.
Ability to connect to various online software via API
Saasu Add-ons

Xero Add-ons
Saasu & Xero offer seamless connection to many other software.
Offers free supportAll packages come complete with detailed online help centres. MYOB Essentials also offers a live chat service.
Saasu Pricing$29 per month including payroll for 1 employee OR $40 per month including payroll for unlimited employees.Xero PricingPricing of Xero & Saasu is varied. Details of what each plan offers can differ between each package..
  • Hi Louise,
    This doesn’t look correct. We do all those payroll functions and AR/AP. Maybe when you copied the story over something went wrong?
    Saasu CEO

    • Hi Marc,
      Wow the CEO of Saasu has visited my website – better pick up my game – lol! This blog isn’t finished – it’s still in draft mode. Yesterday I tried to bring the blog “Saasu or Xero” over to this site from my old website, Choice Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, but it all went pear-shaped! It viewed perfectly in Firefox (the browser I use) and Chrome but looked like a dog’s breakfast in Explorer and couldn’t be read at all. So I pulled it down and looked for another solution. I decided to copy & paste the table from my packages page on this site to use as a template to build on for this blog. So worry not; it’s not finished – I have to populate the table with the correct information and will do this in the next day or so. I have made the blog live for testing purposes so I can see what it looks like in Explorer and avoid the problems I was having yesterday. Thanks for popping in though and having a look – I am stoked that someone in your position would even bother!


    • Sholto Macpherson

      Hi Louise
      Interesting table. Just a note – the logos are in the wrong columns, so when it’s a cross for Xero it’s appearing under Saasu. I think that was what Marc was getting at.

    • Louise McLoughlin

      Hi Sholto, I’m not sure what you mean. I’m pretty sure the ticks and crosses are where they’re meant to be………..

    • Sholto Macpherson

      Ah right – my mistake. I didn’t see the names of the programs at the top of the table. I was looking at the two logos above the table – they’re on the opposite sides to the names of the programs below.

  • Hi Louise,
    what do you mean by “Xero has basic inventory functionality”. It is my understanding that there are items that can be used to prepare invoices more quickly. But there is no tracking of quantities purchased/sold or inventory Dollar values in Xero. Or have I missed that somehow?

  • Hi Alexander,

    Xero has a very basic inventory system. See this link http://www.xero.com/accounting-software/inventory/ which explains their inventory in more detail; there is also a video to view. For more powerful inventory, Xero recommends that you use an add-on – see this link for more details http://www.xero.com/advisors/solutions/inventory/

    Hope that helps, Louise.

  • HI Louise I know you posted this a while ago but I was wondering whether you have done a similar comparison with Quickbooks Online? And also do you think the $50 Xero charges for the standard package is worth it compared to MYOB at $29? Or does it boil done to what the user needs at the end of the day?

    • Hi Fiona,
      I haven’t done a comparison with QB Online as I haven’t used it that much to date but might down the track. Re price comparison between Xero and MYOB it’s now actually pretty close as MYOB is charging $40 per month if you need payroll – as of 1 July 2014. I think both platforms offer great features and it really does come down to what a user requires for his business and if the chosen platform can deliver those requirements.

  • MYOB

    Hi Louise,

    We’ve just released smart bills for MYOB Essentials. It lets you upload and link bills and supplier invoices. This feature will be expanded. Also, the prices for MYOB Essentials has changed. Would love to get one of our product managers to take you through it, if you want to update this comparison chart. Let us know.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks Aishah, I did hear about this on Twitter the other day but haven’t yet had a moment to review it. It does sound good and I’ll update the post with this new information shortly. I’ve been asked by Saasu to update their information too so it looks like I’ve got some work to do! I thought I had the MYOB pricing correct – is what I have in the post incorrect? I got that information from the MYOB website just last week.

  • Ben

    I use both Saasu and Xero across two different businesses, and find them very different tools. Saasu is the winner for me – I find the interface to be a lot more intuitive than Xero, and it’s much easier to start working with – it’s easy to onboard new employees with no accounting experience to start working with Saasu, and there’s pretty good user authorisation management so that customer service staff can’t view P&L etc. Xero’s strong points are the bank reconciliation – that works wonderful, but I find everything else about it non-intuitive, and I’ve been book-keeping businesses for years. I think Saasu is more suited to a sales-oriented business where invoicing and inventory management are core functionality, and Xero seems to be more finance administrator or accountant friendly for things like managing expense report workflows. We’re actually able to use Saasu as our POS for retail sales – but that’s in an environment with <100 in-store transactions per day – we do far more online.

    • Nice comment Ben! Yes, I have to say Saasu is my little favourite too but I find that all software has pros and cons – I’m yet to find the perfect one!

  • addison smith

    After moving away from Xero accounting, I have been using SlickPie for a year. It is a free accounting software. Its product are easy to use and totally free. It contained all features that necessary for my business . Great Software for my business.

    • Thanks Addison. I haven’t heard of that one. Where did it originate – the US or somewhere else? Does it include the Australian GST?