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Twitter Tips

Recently I attended a webinar about using Twitter. I thought I’d share some of the tips for using Twitter that I learned from the webinar:

  • To make the most of using Twitter, you should engage in it  at least 20 minutes twice per day – morning and night.
  • There are 4 main ways to interact with Twitter:
  1. Sharing Content – this can be photos, videos, useful links, how to’s, pdfs, podcasts, articles, be a customer support/help line for your business, advertise your products/services, your business news – tweet things of interest and value to others.
  2. Listening to Others – read tweets from others and learn about what other people are doing or thinking
  3. Respond to Others – “talk” to others or add your perspective on their ideas/tweets
  4. Ask Questions – ask questions about things you don’t understand or obtain feedback about your business’ services and/or products; ask others about their businesses etc – interact and engage, don’t just be a taker – give something too and add value to your tweets.
  • Ambient Content – this is content that we might not think is interesting because it is happening to us or is about us but that will actually be interesting to your followers. This can be things happening at your office, office news, new staff, staff birthdays, new office equipment etc – upload photos etc. This gives followers an idea of what goes on at your business and makes you more “human” to the wider public.
  • Twitter Handle – put this on all business stationery, emails, website etc.
  • Twitter Search – great for finding all sorts of information about topics in which you are interested.
  • #Hashtag – a way of indexing your tweets against a broader topic – use them to track and analyse results and/or search for information on a particular topic.
  • TweetReach.com, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite – all good Twitter-related online programs to help you manage your Twitter account/s.

These are just some notes I took from the webinar which I found quite useful. Do you have some Twitter tips you’d like to share?

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