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We’re taking an extended Christmas break and here’s why…..

This week we thought we’d advise clients and the general public of our festive period closure dates for 2016/17.  We’re taking an extra-long break this year – read on to find out why!


We close our office doors at 5pm on

20th December 2016

We will reopen for business at 9am on

23rd January 2016


Please note, if we normally process your payroll, don’t worry, all payroll will be processed as normal even though we are closed.


So why the super long break?

Well, a couple of things actually. Firstly, my husband and I are off to Canberra for Christmas to spend time with my brother and family, something we haven’t done for over 13 years! We also want to visit a couple of friends in Albury on the way so we are leaving a few days before Christmas day to allow for those visits. Then, after all the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over, my oldest son is getting married! It will be a wonderful day and we are really looking forward to it. Having said that, I am guessing that once Canberra, Christmas, New Years and the wedding are over, I may be just a tad exhausted! For that reason, I’ve decided to give myself and the staff an extended year-end break. I feel this will be much-needed and welcome by all. Come 23rd January, we will be refreshed and rested and will hit the ground running, ready to assist our clients for 2017.

????????We would like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas

and a safe and prosperous 2017. Thanks for being part of

our little practice in 2016 – we really appreciate it!????


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