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Sleepless in Sin City

At the moment I’m regularly losing sleep over something that happens quite a bit in our practice. It’s something that really worries me to the point that I almost wasn’t going to write this post because I know that some will frown upon us when they read it. Anyway here goes nothing, here’s the problem:

Head shot of worried womanDespite repeatedly being asked to send all business documents for any accounting period, some of our clients either provide us with only a handful of receipts or don’t provide any receipts at all, forcing us to create their accounts purely (or mainly) from bank statements.

There I’ve said it! I kind of feel better already 🙂 (she says in the bookkeepers’ confessional).  Bookkeepers and BAS Agents around the globe are now passing out in disgust lol!

Seriously though, I know that this isn’t acceptable and the reason I’m losing sleep over it is because I know that allowing this situation to occur in some way puts our practice and it’s BAS Agents at odds with the Code of Conduct via the Tax Agent Services Act 2009. In short, we are sinning against the Code of Conduct! I wrote about the specific areas of the Code of Conduct that relate to this issue in a previous post – “Honesty & Integrity” and “Competence”. See that’s just it, I don’t feel that we are being honest at all when dealing with these clients’ accounts without first sighting their source documents. We need to sight the source documents – show me the source documents! I feel like we’re just making up stories and it doesn’t sit well with me.

Now what to do – what should I do? Short of sacking these clients (and yes, this is an option), I really don’t know what to do. I’m hoping by writing this post that other bookkeepers/BAS Agents might come out of the woodwork and admit that this happens to them too. Perhaps together we can work out a solution. Hopefully we can because I’m tired – I need some sleep!

Does this happen to you? Do your clients fail to provide all source documents? What do you do about it? Any suggestions appreciated 🙂


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