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Why we have partnered with Employsure

Recently I was approached by Employsure, an Australian service which assists businesses to be workplace compliant. They wanted to partner with me so that my clients could access their services and advice. At first I was hesitant because I get groomed by lots of businesses these days and wasn’t sure that this one would be of any benefit to me or my clients. However, as I listened to the “sales pitch” I soon realised that Employsure would indeed be beneficial and something my clients certainly needed. In short, I have partnered with Employsure and here are the reasons why:


1. I am not a workplace relations expert

Even though I’m a bookkeeper and BAS Agent and have a lot of experience with payroll and superannuation, I am definitely not a workplace relations expert. I am certainly not trained or qualified to provide advice about workplace issues. This is a very specialised area and advice must be sort from those qualified and experienced to provide it. By partnering with Employsure, I am now able to ensure that my clients can access the expert advice they may require, something I have not been able to do until now.

2. Free Unlimited Advice

As a partner, I can call Employsure and receive free advice about such things as absenteeism, discipline, dismissal, harrassment, leave, redundancy and more. Better than that, my clients can also call Employsure and receive free advice – how good is that!

3. Free Seminars & Webinars

As a partner of Employsure, my clients and I will be given the opportunity to attend seminars and webinars covering a variety of topics related to human resources and employment issues. This is all complimentary and part of the overall service provided by Employsure. I am sure this will be welcomed by my clients.

4. Free Resources

Every month, a newsletter is sent out which includes Fair Work Act updates, case studies and workplace relations advice and tips. Employsure encourages partners to share this newsletter with clients which I will be sure to do. There are also employer guides available to read and download via the Employsure website, again all for free. Lastly, Employsure also have a great blog on their website which covers many categories such as termination, unfair dismissal, discrimination and much more – definitely worth a look.

5. Peace of Mind

Being an employer is fraught with any number of employee-related problems. Things happen that you can’t even imagine would be possible, but they do happen. While employers do try to solve most of their own issues, sometimes having the answers and ensuring those answers are compliant, is not always so clear-cut. This is where Employsure can help. They can provide the advice you need when you need it, ensuring that you don’t make a mistake.  In short, Employsure provides employers with peace of mind as they traverse the sticky world of workplace relations.

I am looking forward to assisting my clients via Employsure to become workplace compliant. My partnership with them is probably the most important thing I’ve done for my business and my clients this year. In my opinion, you cannot put a price tag on being able to access expert, professional and practical advice in terms of workplace relations – it’s an area too important to ignore and too scary if you do!

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