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Giving Program Update

This last 12 months in our little bookkeeping business has delivered a nasty down-turn. Clients are dropping off like dead flies and new ones are scarce. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our lovely employee Janai recently due to the down-turn. Luckily she had a job to jump straight into which made us feel a little better about the situation. The down-turn has resulted in us reviewing our overall expenses in order to maintain positive cash-flow. One expense we have reviewed is that of our Giving Program. Don’t worry, we’re going to keep it running, but we do have to reduce the amount we are donating to the charities each month. Prior to the down-turn, we were donating $200 per month in total to our four charities. We are no longer able to carry that level of expense, so we have reduced our donation to $100 per month, being $25 to each charity (see our current quarterly report for more details). We will continue to donate 2% of our sales invoices and will pass on the difference at quarter-end between our $300 per quarter and the 2% taken from our gross sales.

We are hoping that the down-turn will end soon and things will improve but if not, we may have to put an end to our giving program. We will monitor the situation between now and the end of the financial year and will then act accordingly. We will keep you updated as we go.

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