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Every month we donate 2% of every client invoice to one of our chosen charities – these guys!

To keep us accountable (well, let’s face it, we are bookkeepers!), we are making the quarterly results of the program public. We will update the report at the end of each quarter. Check back regularly to see how we are tracking.

Here are the results so far:

Donations Quarterly Report 2018-19

2018-19 FY Total$2,012.67$1,525.00$487.67Grand total of extra donations to above charities
July 2018$151.31$200.00-$48.69
August 2018$191.91$200.00-$8.09
September 2018$164.14$200.00-$35.86
Total$507.36$600.00-$92.64Extra funds to be donated = NIL
October 2018$130.90$150.00-$19.10
November 2018$147.37$100.00$47.37
December 2018$188.37$100.00$88.37
Total$466.64$350.00$116.64Extra funds to be donated for quarter
-92.64Less opening balance carried forward from quarter one
$24.00This amount to be donated to Lort Smith Hospital
January 2019$175.75$100.00$75.75
February 2019$227.41$75.00$152.41
March 2019$114.19$100.00$14.19
Total$517.35$275.00$242.35This amount to be donated to SVDP
April 2019$116.65$100.00$100.00
May 2019$153.06$100.00$100.00
June 2019$251.61$100.00$100.00
Total$521.32$300.00$221.32This amount to be donated to Orange Sky Laundry Inc.

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