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Clickup is the project manager software of choice for e-BAS Accounts. We use this software to organise our clients’ work, our team’s jobs and to keep us sane!


ClickWebDesign is the company responsible for this fantastic website! Chris Finnegan is a talented and intuitive web designer and has show-cased our business mission and objectives. Thanks Chris!


Twitter is a popular social media platform used by millions to communicate, promote themselves, speak their minds and generally connect. Twitter is used by many businesses for marketing purposes.


Facebook is also a popular social media platform and like Twitter helps people to connect and find each other.


Go To Meeting is part of a suite of products from Citrix. You can meet online with colleagues, clients, friends, family etc. Very useful when distance is an issue or life just generally gets in the way! You can also share video and your computer screen so that you can collaborate on items in real time just like you are attending in person. Meetings are recordable as well which is very useful for review purposes.

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