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Who we are

e-BAS Accounts is a boutique bookkeeping practice based in Victoria, Australia. The practice is owned and operated by Louise McLoughlin who is a registered BAS Agent. The business is non-location based and as such, all staff work remotely with clients using various cloud-based software to achieve a virtual environment. While it is essentially “no-frills”, e-BAS Accounts is dedicated to providing small business owners with a professional and efficient service, resulting in compliant accounts that provide clarity and peace of mind.

How we can help you


Your time is precious. You need to ensure you spend it wisely. By delegating your bookkeeping to us, you will gain a minimum of three hours back in your week. What will you do with three extra hours?


Business owners can experience stress, panic and feeling out of control at any time. While we can't solve all of your issues, we can remove the stress caused by having messy accounts.


We will take care of your important activity statement lodgements, payroll, super, business registrations and more. Stop worrying about compliance and get on with managing your business.


Because your accounts are always up to date, you will be able to rely on the data in your reports, allowing you to have a clear view of how your business is tracking both now and into the future.

Some of our lovely clients

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