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e-BAS Accounts is a member of the following industry associations:

ABN is an association that provides its members with information, support and assistance with all levels of bookkeeping. For further information and to learn how ABN greatly benefits all bookkeepers, go to their website at

Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA) is a recognised professional bookkeeping association for BAS Agents by the Tax Practitioners Board. The ABA membership provides access to phone support, networking opportunities and training. Further to this, ABA represents the interests of bookkeepers in Australia with all appropriate forums and provides avenues for bookkeepers to air and exchange views. More information about ABA can be found here

Louise obtained her Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping) from BIA. While the course is available on-campus at BIA, Louise chose to do her course off-campus (distance education). She found BIA to be both helpful and encouraging and due to her successful completion of the course, is now classed as a full member of BIA. BIA was originally founded as a bookkeeping and consultancy business in 2001 but has developed into the leading provider of Bookkeeping training courses in Australia. Other courses available from BIA include MYOB, QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office and several others. It is very easy to enrol in any of these courses with BIA and as previously mentioned, the assistance and support for all students are second to none. You can find out more about BIA on their website:

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