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Our giving program is all go!

We’re starting something new this financial year at e-BAS Accounts and if you’re one of our lucky clients, you’re going to be part of it! The following is a letter we have written to all of our clients explaining what is happening and why.


Dear client,

Our little bookkeeping business has enjoyed wonderful growth in the past 2 years and this is all due to you and others, deciding to become one of our clients, so thank you! We don’t take our success for granted and are very grateful every single day. To show our gratitude, we would like to “give back” and have decided that we can do this by donating a small portion of your invoices to charity. The charities we have chosen for this purpose are:

  • Ronald McDonald House Parkville Victoria
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Orange Sky Laundry (and Showers)
  • Lort Smith Animal Hospital

Read our blog here to find out more about these charities.

Every month, 2% of your invoices will be donated to one of the above charities. Your 2% “gift” will be donated to help the homeless and marginalised, sick children and their families and of course animals at risk! Together, you and e-BAS Accounts are going to “give back” and you can feel very good about that! To make things a bit clearer, when you get your next invoice (and every invoice after that), you will see the following, 2 lines relating specifically to the donation – the first one is the 2% calculation on the GST exclusive total of your invoice and the second one is to move the donation to a special holding account where it will accrue until such time as the payments are made to charity.

Every quarter, we’ll send you a summary of exactly how much you donated and to which charity and then, at the end of the financial year, we’ll let you know your grand total for the year. We hope you like this new initiative. We are very happy to be able to do this and thank you again because, without your support, it just wouldn’t be possible. This “giving program” begins now and will continue indefinitely. We will monitor the program throughout the year and who knows, that 2% may even increase – watch this space!

If you have any comments or thoughts about the program, please get in touch – we’d love to hear what you think about it.

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