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Client Agent Linking – Useful Links, Videos & Phone Numbers

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In a previous blog, I discussed the challenges agents and clients face because of Client Agent Linking (CAL). Many of the issues encountered are related to setting up various digital identity software and/or not understanding the CAL process. In this blog, I will share useful links, videos and phone numbers to help those stumbling through this difficult task! 

As mentioned, the CAL process is complicated. It involves setting up a myGovID, linking the ABN to the myGovID in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), logging into Online Services for Business (OSB), nominating a new agent and finally advising the agent that the nomination has occurred. The links to assist with setting up myGovID, RAM and OSB are below, along with a step-by-step guide to CAL both in written and video format. Some phone numbers are listed for those who prefer to call a human being! I hope this helps those who are struggling with CAL.

  1. How to nominate an agent in online services for business (download)
  2. The agent nomination process explained
  3. Troubleshooting guide for agents
  4. How to set up myGovID
  5. Online services for businesses
  6. Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)
  7. Link your myGovID to your ABN
  8. For agents – think before you link!

CAL – Useful Phone Numbers

  1. ATO – help with nominating an agent or with online services for business – 132866
  2. ATO – help with late lodgements and payments due to not being able to link to an agent – 1300 660 048
  3. ATO – agent can’t link a new client in online services due to a system error – 137286 (only call if the client has completed the nomination process)
  4. RAM – 1300 287 539 (select option 3 for RAM enquiries)
  5. myGovID – 1300 287 539 (select option 2, then option 1 for myGovID enquiries).

CAL – Useful Videos

ATO Client-To-Agent Linking Steps: How to nominate an agent in Online Services for Business

Client / Agent Linking – An ATO How-To Tutorial

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