Client Agent Linking not working for you? Check your ABN details on the ABR now!

The Client Agent Linking (CAL) process is undoubtedly fairly cumbersome! There are several steps involved in nominating a new tax or BAS agent. The second step requires linking your MyGovID to your ABN. While that process should not be difficult, it is tripping up some because their ABN details have not been updated for quite some time.

The linking between a MyGovID and an ABN is done via the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). This part of the process will not work if the ABN details differ from those currently recorded in the Australian Business Register (ABR). So, to avoid this barrier when trying to link to your new agent, make sure your ABN details are up to date. This is done in the following way:

  1. Log into the ABR (link above) and go to the “update your ABN details” page.
  2. Log into RAM (link above) using your MyGovID credential. Select “Update ABN Record”.
  3. Make any changes required in RAM. Note, that the only change you cannot make in RAM relates to business and legal names. This needs to be done through the ATO and ASIC.

If you cannot log into RAM and the ABR, you can do the following:

  1. Contact the ABR directly, here.
  2. Complete a mail-in form and send it to the ABR.
  3. Ask your tax professional to update the details for you.

If your entity is a Not-for-Profit organisation that needs to update your details before you can access ABR online services, follow these steps for assistance.

If you’re like most business owners, you set up your ABN years ago with a “set and forget” attitude. While many have gotten away with this (myself included!), not having up-to-date details for your ABN will be a major roadblock in the CAL process. It is worth mentioning that regardless of CAL, business owners should be updating ABN details within 28 days of any changes – see here! So, put this on your to-do list today – log into the ABR and check that your ABN details are current. Doing this will ensure that your CAL process goes smoothly.

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