How do I sign forms from e-BAS Accounts?

Our last blog looked at engagement letters and why they are important for our clients (and for us!). The final part of the process when creating an engagement letter for clients is the signing of the document. The client needs to sign the letter and we also need to sign it. In days gone by, we would draft the letter, send it via email to the client and request signature. The client would then have to print out the letter, sign it, scan it and then email or mail it back to us. We would then do the same and email/mail back to the client for record-keeping purposes. This process was both time consuming and convoluted. You’ll be glad to hear that we don’t do this any more! We use a much better system which is completely cloud-based. We use Adobe Sign. No more paper and no more scanning (and no more snail mail). Here’s how it works.

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