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Welcome to our bookkeeping blog! We share bookkeeping tips, software updates and the latest news from the ATO. Sometimes we get a bit cheeky and let you know what we really think about this industry, but we try to behave ourselves most of the time! Enjoy the read and if you’re looking for anything in particular, hit the search button above.

Bookkeeping & tax podcasts I love!

Being a bookkeeper, I have found several podcasts about tax and bookkeeping, and over the years, have narrowed the list down to three podcasts that resonate with me the most. Here is my list:

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Managing myGovID when devices are upgraded or added

Setting up the app for the first time requires quite a few steps and can be slightly complicated. Sadly, if you buy a new mobile or tablet, or wish to use your myGovID on multiple devices, you will need to set up your myGovID again and re-verify your identity.

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Xero Tips and Tricks

Here is my list of useful tips and tricks that I use when wrangling Xero. I’ll try to keep adding new tips etc as I discover them. I hope you find them useful.

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