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Employers’ Toolbox (free download)

Are you a new employer? Do you need help with getting started? Do you know what your employer obligations involve? Being an employer is a huge responsibility and brings with it added compliance to which you must adhere if you want to get it right. To assist you in this task, we have created the “Employers’ Toolbox”, a simple guide to getting started including all of the resources you will need along the way.


We see too many clients who jump into the deep end of the human resources pool without actually having any clue as to what is involved in being an employer. In doing so, they often get themselves into a pickle with government agencies such as the Australian Taxation Office and Fairwork. We believe that education is the key to getting it right. To that end, we have created an employers’ toolbox, full of the tools you’ll need when starting on your journey as an employer. Even if you have been an employer for some time, it may be worth a look just to confirm with yourself that you are doing the right thing. The toolbox is a free download and we hope you find it useful.

Download here: Employers-Toolbox 2015

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