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How to lodge a TPAR non-lodgement advice form (NIL TPAR)

If you normally lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) but have decided that this year, you don’t have anything to report, you can lodge a “Non-lodgement Advice” form (NIL TPAR) with the ATO. You can do this online via ATO Online Services.

If you are a sole trader or individual taxpayer you can access Online Services through your myGov account. If you are another structure, such as a company, you can access Online Services via Online Services for Business.

Submitting a TPAR non-lodgement advice form,

  • allows you to notify multiple years on the same form
  • allows you to advise when you do not need to lodge in the future
  • allows you to give a reason for not lodging
  • validates information entered
  • provides a reference number for confirmation
  • appears in the lodgment history tab.

If you are not sure if you need to lodge a TPAR or not, go to this ATO webpage which will help you work this out.

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2 thoughts on “How to lodge a TPAR non-lodgement advice form (NIL TPAR)”

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  2. “You can do this online via ATO Online Services.”

    That is kind of a bad joke in my situation. I do not hold a passport so I cannot get a strong ID on the myGovID app . Because of that I cannot link my business to myGovID . And because of that I cannot lodge the non-reporting form. And because of that they are probably jump on me with a fine.
    Yes, I know , they provide a 1300 number to call and ask to be emailed a code and get the link done that way.
    That would work if anyone would ever answer that number. I’ve been trying for days and got nowhere, “due to high number of calls”.
    I wonder if they ever answer any.

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