How to lodge a TPAR non-lodgement advice form (NIL TPAR)

If you normally lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) but have decided that this year, you don’t have anything to report, you can lodge a “Non-lodgement Advice” form (NIL TPAR) with the ATO. You can do this online via ATO Online Services.

If you are a sole trader or individual taxpayer you can access Online Services through your myGov account. If you are another structure, such as a company, you can access Online Services via Online Services for Business.

Submitting a TPAR non-lodgement advice form,

  • allows you to notify multiple years on the same form
  • allows you to advise when you do not need to lodge in the future
  • allows you to give a reason for not lodging
  • validates information entered
  • provides a reference number for confirmation
  • appears in the lodgment history tab.

If you are not sure if you need to lodge a TPAR or not, go to this ATO webpage which will help you work this out.

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