It’s vehicle log book time again!

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There are only 16 short weeks until the end of the financial year (freak out!). If you haven’t yet recorded a vehicle logbook for tax purposes for the 2016 tax year, you need to start now. This is because a logbook must be kept for 12 continuous weeks. So what is a vehicle logbook and how does it relate to expense claims?

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9 End of Financial Year Preparation Tips (Fact Sheet Download)

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is a busy time for business owners. There are many things to finalise and prepare. To ensure your business is ready for the EOFY, we have prepared answers to 9 questions small business owners may have about the EOFY. We cover things like small business expense deductions, record-keeping, documents you need to prepare for your accountant and much more.

We have created a PDF fact sheet for you to download. Here it is, enjoy!

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