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on-boarding procedures

Why do I have to sign an engagement letter?

It is customary across many professional industries to use engagement letters or client agreements when on-boarding a new client. They are used by most accounting professionals and are considered best practice. An engagement letter protects both the consultant and the client in the event anything should go awry during the engagement. We certainly use engagement letters in our practice and if you are a new client you will be asked to sign one. The engagement letter is step three in our on-boarding procedure (see step one here and step two here). This blog will cover why you need to sign one and details what we include in our letters.

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How do I provide our company information to e-BAS Accounts?

At the beginning of our client on-boarding process, we get together with the potential client to discuss if we are both a good fit for one another. If it turns out that a lead would like to engage our services, we then proceed to part two of our onboarding procedure – gathering information about the client’s business. We do this so we can easily and quickly set up the client in our systems i.e. CRM, project management software and BAS Agent Portal. We use a form that we created in our Clickup acccount that is emailed to the client and can be completed online. Here is the link to that form for anyone who is interested in what that looks like.

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Potential client interview questions

Today we continue our series of blogs which go to explain how we work with our clients at e-BAS Accounts. Our first blog in the series explained how we connect with our clients to process their BAS. This one outlines part one of our procedure when onboarding new clients – the potential client interview. The interview allows us to “get to know each other” and decide if we’re a good fit for one another. The interview is complimentary and is never on-charged to the client. The interview questions are as follows:

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