Let’s get shredded!

We like to think that we’re doing a pretty good job at being a paperless office. We only print when we absolutely have to, all client files are saved electronically and any paper documents we receive, are scanned to pdf and then recycled. This system works well but the problem is, we started it many …

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We’ve Gone Paperless Part 2

In our last blog, we told you about our new paperless bookkeeping system that we now use for our own bookkeeping/accounting. It works so well that we have extended the idea to that of how we store our clients’ records in our desire for a paperless office .

We’ve Gone Paperless Part 1

Starting this financial year 2013-14, we’ve decided to go paperless! We’re changing our own bookkeeping processes and also how we keep our clients’ records. In part one of this blog, we’ll tell you about our new paperless bookkeeping system. Why do we want to go paperless? We work from a small home office. When I …

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