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Google Drive

How do I share my documents with e-BAS Accounts?

There are several tools you can use that will allow you to share your documents with us. Your location (and ours) isn’t a problem as most tools will allow you to share your data remotely. Here is a list of tools you can use:

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10 more useful tools for bookkeepers

In last week’s blog I shared with you 10 useful tools I use in my bookkeeping business. Today, in part 2 of this blog, I’m going to share 10 more useful tools! Read on to find out what they are (again, not in any order of preference).

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We’ve Gone Paperless Part 2

In our last blog, we told you about our new paperless bookkeeping system that we now use for our own bookkeeping/accounting. It works so well that we have extended the idea to that of how we store our clients’ records in our desire for a paperless office.


Our system for storing client records used to look something like this picture!

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