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Source Documents

Which documents do I have to provide to e-BAS Accounts?

At it’s most basic, bookkeeping involves receiving data in the form of invoices etc. and entering this data into an accounting system. So, if you are one of our clients, before we can start doing your accounts, we will send you a request for a list of documents. The type of document we request from you will depend on the scope of work that we agreed to do for you within your engagement letter.

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10 Characteristics of the Ideal Bookkeeping Client

We’ve been running our bookkeeping business for over 10 years and in that time we’ve worked with many different clients; some have been wonderful and others not so great. So what makes a great client or ideal client? We have compiled our list of 10 characteristics that we believe the ideal bookkeeping client presents.

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Source Documents & Our Obligations as BAS Agents

This is part 3 in our blog series about source documents. In parts 1 and 2 we explained what source documents are, why they’re important, and also how our clients deal with them. Today we will look at how the legislation which guides us as BAS Agents impacts the way we work with source documents.

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How do our Clients Deal with Source Documents?

Last week we looked at source documents, what they are and why they’re important. This week we look at how our clients work with source documents, how they deliver them to us, and the various issues that can arise from time to time.

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What are Source Documents & Why are they Important?

Bookkeepers and accountants who are processing your accounts may ask you to present “source documents” to verify the information in your accounting file. What are source documents and why are they important?

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