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How to use Dropbox with your bookkeeper

One of the most useful online apps I include in my “bookkeeper’s toolbox” is Dropbox. Dropbox allows users to upload and share files with others regardless of location. This is a wonderful tool considering most of my clients are interstate. What I find however, is that some clients use it successfully with me and others, well, not so much! Those who use it successfully follow a specific procedure and today I am going to share that procedure with you so that you too can use Dropbox with your bookkeeper more effectively.

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Communication: the key to successful remote bookkeeping

In my last blog, I wrote about the concept of remote bookkeeping or telecommuting. I explained what it is, why I do it and how it works. I ended the blog by saying that remote bookkeeping can only work well when there are good communication systems in place. This applies to both the bookkeeper and the clients. If either party falls down on the job, then the professional relationship is threatened and can possibly fail. In short, the key to a successful remote or virtual bookkeeping relationship is clear and constant communication.

In my experience as a teleworker, communication is king. It is important in any professional relationship but even more so when that relationship is virtual i.e. you do not work face to face with someone on a daily basis. Put simply, the virtual relationship can be devoid of all key indicators that help us connect as human beings like:

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Remote bookkeeping – how does this work?

The other day a potential client rang me and said she was looking at our website and wanted to know how remote bookkeeping worked and more importantly, how it could work for her and her business. I was a little surprised by her questions because I’ve been working remotely or “telecommuting” as it’s been labelled of late, for years now as have many others. I went on to explain how I work and how my clients work with me but I got the feeling that she wasn’t entirely convinced. It made me think that there are probably others out there who don’t quite understand how bookkeeping can be done remotely so I thought I’d write a blog that would help to explain how it all works.

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How to Work with Virtual Bookkeeper

Many SME’s are outsourcing their bookkeeping and BAS tasks to professional bookkeepers. This frees them up to get on with running their businesses and gives them peace of mind that their bookkeeping is correct and compliant. It’s a great thing to do especially if you loathe bookkeeping! While some SME’s prefer to employ an on-site bookkeeper, many are turning to virtual bookkeepers for assistance. So just what is a virtual bookkeeper and how do you work with one?

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