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Guess what’s cool? Why, it’s the Snipping Tool!

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This week I just wanted to write a quick blog about an app we’ve been using a lot here of late in the e-BAS Accounts office. It’s called the “Snipping Tool“. We’re probably a bit late to the party on this one because I’m sure it’s been around for a while, but we’re only just discovering how useful it is! It’s a Windows app so apologies to all those Apple users before we start, but I’m sure you guys probably have something similar anyway.

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Guess what’s cool? Why, it’s the Snipping Tool! Read More »

Remote bookkeeping – how does this work?

The other day a potential client rang me and said she was looking at our website and wanted to know how remote bookkeeping worked and more importantly, how it could work for her and her business. I was a little surprised by her questions because I’ve been working remotely or “telecommuting” as it’s been labelled of late, for years now as have many others. I went on to explain how I work and how my clients work with me but I got the feeling that she wasn’t entirely convinced. It made me think that there are probably others out there who don’t quite understand how bookkeeping can be done remotely so I thought I’d write a blog that would help to explain how it all works.

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Remote bookkeeping – how does this work? Read More »

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