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Common GST Mistakes

GST Mistakes

When you’re completing your activity statements, it’s easy to make mistakes. It happens a lot and we see them first hand here at e-BAS Accounts. The main mistakes users make are in relation to tax codes. Users often use the wrong tax code when entering various transactions into their software. Here are some common transactions […]

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How to Speak “GST”

Speaking GST

There are a lot of terms used when we start to talk about the GST or a BAS in the BAS Agents’ world. We BAS Agents know what they mean of course but do you as the client or interested reader know what they mean? Here is a list of GST tax terms and their […]

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ATO Help for BAS Agents & Bookkeepers

Sometimes as BAS/Tax Agents or Bookkeepers, we need help or need further information about various issues. It’s hard to go past the ATO’s pages for BAS/Tax Agents and Bookkeepers for loads of information, fact sheets and calculators.

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STP extended to smaller employers from July 2019

The law has now passed in Federal Parliament to extend Single Touch Payroll (STP) to smaller employers i.e. those with 19 or fewer employees from 1st July 2019. If you are a small employer, you need to start getting ready to become STP-compliant. There are many ways this can be accomplished so don’t panic! At […]

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Bye, bye Janai!

Post Image

The lovely Janai Brigg left our little bookkeeping company at the end of December 2018. Her previous employer approached her with an offer she couldn’t refuse! Janai was with us for just on 12 months and we loved having her here. She was friendly, bubbly and extremely conscientious. We will miss having her around *sad […]

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Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) to include 3 more industries – road freight, IT & security

The ATO has announced that those businesses providing services in the following 3 industries will be caught in the “TPAR net” from 1st July 2019. Road freight services Information technology services Security, investigation or surveillance services From 1st July 2019, businesses in the above 3 industries will need to track payments made to contractors they […]

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Long Service Leave changes for Victoria November 2018

The new Long Service Leave Act 2018 for Victoria was activated on 1st November 2018. Employees in Victoria who were previously covered by the Long Service Leave Act 1992, can now enjoy several improvements regarding this leave entitlement. These improvements are discussed in this blog.

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Cleaners & Couriers now required to lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report

The ATO has now confirmed that those who run a courier and/or cleaning business must lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) from 1 July 2018.

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Meal entertainment: when does GST apply?

The area of “meal entertainment” is an absolute minefield for accounting professionals like us. It can be very difficult to know when an expense incurred by a client relating to food or drink should be recorded with GST or not. Luckily there is a resource out there via the ATO that brings some clarity to […]

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Cyber Security: How we protect your data

Earlier this year, we were approached by a company called Practice Protect which is a platform that provides accountants and bookkeepers with 24/7 cloud data security. I had been concerned/worried about data security (mainly client data) for some time and when Practice Protect called me, I immediately became interested. Here was a ready-made program on […]

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