Superannuation Guarantee

Superannuation Services Extended

A new legislative instrument has been released which has extended the services BAS Agents can provide to clients in relation to the super guarantee charge. BAS Agents have been able to assist clients with superannuation tasks for approximately 2 years now, but this instrument improves on the current situation.

Super Amnesty – Yes? No? Maybe!

Back in May 2018, the first iteration of a law for an amnesty on unpaid historical superannuation was announced, but due to the calling of the Federal election at the time, it did not pass. A second iteration of the law, known as the “Recovering Unpaid Superannuation” Bill, was launched in September 2019. This second …

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20 jobs your BAS Agent can do for you!

BAS Agents are now a very important part of the tax compliance landscape. They have been floating around since 2010 when the first group of agents became registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) after the passing down of TASA 2009. TASA 2009 is legislation that makes it illegal for anyone to charge a fee …

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Pay Super Guarantee via the ATO Clearing House

From 1st July 2010, if you have 20 employees or less, you can access the Federal Government’s Clearing House for superannuation guarantee payments. This makes paying super so easy. (NOTE: As of 1st April 2014, the Australian Taxation Office will run the clearinghouse. Read more about this in this blog). The Clearing House is the …

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